Traffic exchange Daily is Back again for round 3

Traffic exchange Daily is back for round 3

In todays te daily as a simple question are you making 10$ a day? Also talk about why I was cone for so long. And give props to a traffic exchange owner who closed the site.

Traffic exchange daily has been a great way for me to vent over the last year and it time I got my butt in gear and started kicking things up.

YES I am going to say things that will bother people to just be controversial.
YES I am going to call it how I see it.
YES I am going to do them when I want to Not cause its something I should be doing.

I love doing tedaily I also love the attention. I know that a huge part of our business is just getting attention. Getting people to notice.

I hope Traffic Exchange daily Helps you as much as it helps me

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  1. Randy Howard
    Randy Howard at | | Reply

    Hey James – Great video post. Best one in awhile. Yes I am making at least $10 everyday someday’s more.

    Keep up the great job!

  2. Catherine White
    Catherine White at | | Reply

    First let me say ‘ABOUT TIME’!

    Second, great first topic. Kind of goes along with what we were all talking about last week. Everyone needs to learn “How To” make money online. Very few can tell you how to do it consistently.
    My honest answer is YES, at JAC Traffic Products we do make $10 a day. That is as an owner of 3 sites. As an affiliate, I doubt that we make $10 a day. I think this is why we have seen the big trend of opening a site, whether it be a TE or a Mailer.

    My first goal online was to make 1 sale a day. Then build from there. My personal goal is much higher than $10 a day now.

    Third, I commend Doug for closing his site. I’m sure it was a decision he struggled with so I support his decision.

    Good to see you back and smart move putting the videos on your blog. (If only someone would have suggested that a long time ago.) 😉

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