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For some amazing reason I got up today Just Fired UP. I had a dream about selling. selling to a dealer, then about selling a Yukon Denali. The dream so was so good and so real that I got up made some coffee and came right out here to write this blog.

sales-growthSee the one thing I’m really good at is selling. Its something I have loved since day one. I don’t mean selling some crap that people done want or need. I mean getting immersed into a product that I love and knowing its just right for the person looking at it and asking them to take the next step.

and this is why I’m here this morning.

See I love what I do online. I love affiliate marketing. I love selling sites I believe in and talking about a business that In most regards I’m over the top proud of.

true sales is something you can make money off of and sleep good at night knowing you are doing good by the people you work with and the products you present. Good sales Sales and Marketingpeople live longer, fuller, richer lives. Did you every time you talk about yourself it’s a sale. Every time you want something bad enough you can sell yourself on if you’re going to get it.

So be a sales person today. Sell some on a product that your are using and is working for you. Not just something your going to make money off of. Do this every day for the rest of your life. And you will add income to your bottom line and will do better every day of your life.

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All the Best
James Dias

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  1. Patti Boquist
    Patti Boquist at | | Reply

    Wow! James, you really did have an awesome start to your day! Kudos!

    Yes, I agree totally! Selling is fun! Selling the right product to the right person is not really selling…it is giving good advice in advance…but yes,,,it is selling!

    Many people say they are NOT sales people, yet, they sell themselves (not literally of course!) when they go to a job interview and tell the interviewer what they are good at…we even, as parents, “sell” our children on the idea that doing their homework is important or cleaning their room is a good thing to do…

    We are really all sales people no matter our “job”…

    Don’t be afraid to sell…just get really good at it so it feels comfortable and you will forget to “sell” and do it naturally!

    Have an excellent day, James! And thank you for sharing important info!

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