IM Small and I can get UP

People get so stuck in the mentality of small traffic exchanges I did a video the other day about a couple quick tips to help owners of small traffic exchanges get past the competition in probably the hardest arena.think-small-stay-small-copy1-300x136

I think people that bust their asses to get to the next level deserve it. People investing in their business. and make no mistake I mean outside of normal operation cost.

Hosting, Domain, Commissions, Prize Money ( to a point) are all normal operating cost. Its what it cost to be in business. Investing in your business could be buying ads, graphical work, S.W.A.G, Larger prizes, contest. One is to keep the doors open the other is improving the doors and the amount of people that come through them.

Understand Its no one’s job to help your site grow. It falls On your shoulders at any size. And you will only spend more and more growing your downlines in your site as the membership size grows.

a traffic exchange is 50% new members and 50% retention. The more time you have, them more customer attention you should be doing. You need to know what banners are converting the best and replacing or changing the one that get the lowest results. Same with splashes and text ads and email templates ect. If an affiliate asks you what is your best banner – give them your top 3.

know your target sites and where to get the best ROI on your ads at each site. Banners can kick ass at one site and suck big time at the next. Well then you need to know that.

5abmqz6hbut I think the best time spent i connecting with real people that use your site. Its ok to stalk people. Know their birthdays. That they like dogs or cats. That’s what sites like facebook are all about right ….stalking…..

have some fun and spend the time well remember you have time and members all it takes is some effort.


James Dias

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  1. Maria
    Maria at | | Reply

    You and Randy both have me thinking about best converting banners/splashes today… that is something that I need to make more of a priority in my daily routine. Great post 🙂

  2. Shon Jimenez
    Shon Jimenez at | | Reply

    You are absolutely right. I am a small traffic exchange, just started up in March. I work 12-15 hour days on nothing but my traffic exchange. It takes a lot of dedication for us who don’t have a big support network to help us out.

  3. Dill
    Dill at | | Reply

    Have absolutely no pblroem with you promoting on your blog, after all, it is your blog. The common disease that Herb mentions does exist, but it does not apply in this case.Of more interest to me is how various TEs perform for different people. I have been using TEs since their inception about 12 years ago now I guess. Have been a member (and still am) of both ILH and SX, neither have ever been my top producers. My top producer almost every week has been Hit2Hit with Traffic Splash giving it a push from time to time.Cheers,Terry Beresford

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