Dont go too far with an email

I had the displeasure of reading an email from a traffic exchange im a member of today and JUST had to comment. Cause it made me think. Im pretty sure you know the email I am referring to.

Why is bashing other people so good for business?
Are you trying to piss off the members ?
Is there a point to always being unhappy ?
If everyone is doing everything so wrong why don’t you have half a million members?

4 simple questions I instantly asked myself when I see emails video and blog post about someone Bashing others. I watched this same email author dress down publicly another owner 3 years or so ago about a .35 surf ratio being criminal.

A good friend of mine reported a page not long ago and said a site in rotation was offensive. The response from the same owner publicly bashing others told my friend to “grow thicker skin”. And “no room for that crap” referring to my buddys feelings of the site. This made them pretty upset and the site lost an active premium member.

I personally have read comments today from members closing their accounts because of this email. So what the hell was the point of the email? I know I talk about hot topics But I make every effort not to single people out or bash groups. But this site and owner are losing valid active traffic exchange members. All cause the filter they should have used in the email bashing another well known owner in the te world.

Here is my take:
The group getting bashed in the email have always been good to me personally. I have never seen them trash other owners. I will continue to support them.
While the person leading the attack has a new flavor every other week.

I guess It comes down to this. Two owners are running their business let’s call them Dick and Mark. Mark is quiet and just works to get things done. But Dick is mad at everything and everyone. And is always complaining about people sending less that professional emails about Mark instead of dealing with mark directly.

Moral of the story Don’t BE a Dick

OK back to work. just had a thought or two and wanted to share.
James Dias


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  1. Meredith
    Meredith at | | Reply

    I believe I know the email you speak of and it is getting way outta hand with name calling, holier than thou attitude, etc… NOT professional at all in my eyes… nice post, James 🙂

  2. Tim Rash
    Tim Rash at | | Reply

    I think this is a great blog post. As Mr Bell said… I do not believe in the bulldozing other people’s building to make my building look bigger. I just keep working on my build to make it the best it can be..

    1. John Bell
      John Bell at | | Reply

      Thank you for mention, sir.

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