Work it to death.

Like most internet marketers we all tend to take on too much and when we do the results are less than what they could have been. If we just added the right amount of effort in the right

Don’t get me wrong you need to try to have ads everywhere you can. but when you’re faced with tight budgets of time or money you need to be smart. Some times that means putting together a campaign that will rock the house for 60 – 90 days pick 4 to 5 sites that you have this plan for.

Buy some credits – This will get you off to a start

Surf a few more – each day an exchange will used X credits you should surf that plus 10% roughly

Buy a start page or 4 remember you are doing for 60- 90 days if the start page is a week-long then you have solid coverage.

Get some banners and text going too –  having banners and text is a fast way to bump the results of that exchange.

Make sure the all your info is filled in I can tell you that less than 1% of the entire 13,000 members at IT have everything filled in. Its time consuming and people don’t always see the value up front.

Talk about what you’re doing whether it be on Facebook, twitter, on a blog whatever there is a lot of value in people logging in to site A and seeing you referral links and marketing efforts. dont just tweet  some prize you won tell the whole story.
“Just logged in to  XYJ exchange  and seen my start page ad  looks good and excited”
“Seen a great looking ad at XYJ exchange  gives me an IDEA to try”

Go ahead and use your referral Link it cant hurt.

And please track your efforts

You will find that making the effort to dominate a few sites will have a powerful effect on your marketing. And you will find that targeting a few sites for a few months will help you establish go to sites as well.

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