Time to stop fooling yourself.

Lets face It we work online to earn an extra income right? Boy I hope that’s why people are spending countless hours clicking mailers, paid to clicks, and traffic exchanges.

So why is it so many Don’t earn much at all? Why do some people earn cents and others sucessearn some decent money? Lets use some common sense and logic here and see if we can’t put a light at the end of the tunnel.

Is it the program?
Not likely cause there is some people earning the majority of commissions in every program. The top 20% earn 80% of the commissions ( most people have heard this at some point right?)

Do you need to get in early?
NOPE – this is the holy grail of bull shit get in early to secure you position. Seriously there are programs I joined a year after they opened that im making more on than the NEW launch sites.

The Site has to be by a big NAME!
UMMMM no not even remotely in the ball park. Some of the big names have had cool launches and are gone. Or just opened another 5 sites over the last year. So that’s not it.

The secret is not really a secret at all its something that has been working for over 10 years.


seriously this is huge……………….

ok here it is………………………

stop trying to earn a million dollars at a million sites. People are just too wrapped up in joining anything that’s new – never mind it’s the same as 50 other established sites. ITS NEW!!!!!!

You need to figure out what you are are you a surfer? or are you a promoter?

Surfers try to find sites that benefit you when you surf. Does it pay cash for your surfing? Are you rewarded for surfing the hell out of a site? Why do you think sites Like easyhits4u or promo events do so well they are geared to surfers that love to surf (SIMPLE)

Is there a site for you out there maybe one that offers a CPM for your marketing efforts. That helps you establish downlines and can earn you money for marketing your affiliate link?
recomendededLike IT or The Dance ….. Just pointing out Facts here.

Think of this if you’re a promoter, you are going to need to do something with the credits you earn at the dance and IT. right? Why not point it to a site you need to build a downline in?

Surfers you earn tons of credits in the what do you do with all them valuable credits? Why not build a downline in another site?

I personally have surfers kicking ass and making money at IT because they found out how to leverage their Skills every week they are getting paid cause they learned ITS not hard.

Still not sure of all that I wrote here just talk with me.

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Snail MAIL 2650 McMorrow Rd San Pablo CA 94806
Call or text me 510-830-7213 California, USA ( don’t call after 10pm my wife will get mad at me )

try this for 4 months and if you not establishing your base of business better than ever come back here and call me a big fat liar. But if you focus on a couple programs rather than trying to get in early at every new launch you will find the rewards are more than you expected.

thanks for reading
James Dias

PS it sounds easy. it is easy. but 90% will never do it cause well they just wont. But look at the earners in sites they have been promoting the site for a year or more. Not 2 weeks on the launch. And you can only recommend so many sites to the people buying upgrades each time a new site launches before they RUN screaming away from your recommendations.

OK Im don’t for today ……

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  1. Catherine White
    Catherine White at | | Reply

    (((((Standing Ovation)))))
    I am so on board with this post. Stop joining everything cause you think you will miss the opportunity to earn some commissions. YOU WILL- you absolutely will. If you stop joining everything, you will absolutely miss the opportunity to earn commissions from the early adopters. But, you will gain the respect of those who follow you. Those who are watching to see how you are building your business.
    Recommend established sites or, if there is a launch from an owner you know, then sure jump in early. Your followers will be more apt to join you if you don’t recommend something new every other day. BE SELECTIVE about what you promote.
    It’s not rocket science – but it does take time and commitment.

  2. Jackie O
    Jackie O at | | Reply

    I don’t think people realize how much it hurts their reputation when they recommend every new launch that comes along (which is just about every day now).

    I very rarely participate in JVs and new launches anymore because I’m seeing the same package over and over again…just with different wrapping paper. Seems like everyone is “re-gifting” the same site. 😉

    Even some established owners who I thought would do some big things are limping out sites now that has nothing new or exciting about it, and it shows in the lack of growth. Or a new owner that seems to work hard and stay focused at first, then they launch more sites and I completely lose interest in them.

    Very good post James.

  3. Randy Fountain
    Randy Fountain at | | Reply

    Fantastic article and subject James.
    Like many surfers, I join lots of sites, but that doesn’t mean I promote them.

    I see a lot of folks promoting Way too many programs, all that does is dilutes
    your results. I recommend promoting a max of 3 to 5 programs, but think about
    what and why you are promoting.
    I feel you’d benefit from choosing programs with a solid foundation, a Proven track
    record, and a responsible owner. Ask the owner what their best converting splash
    page and banners are, and use those, or better yet, make your own.

    I don’t recommend promoting these Hot New Launches by unknown owners.
    Rather choose one’s that you Trust. Like Cathy said, people who follow you, will continue
    to join your recommendations when they learn to trust you.

    I talk with James almost Every day, and when he says “just talk with me”, he means it.
    The dude Loves talking TE’s.
    James is correct, the CPM at IT and TheDance really do offer good income for promoting.

  4. Doug Nelson
    Doug Nelson at | | Reply

    Hi James,
    This is the second post I have read about this topic and I gotta say something.
    It is very sound advice but it is not what TE’s or their owners encourage their members to do!

    Now before you start thinking I’m calling you a ‘big fat liar’ before even trying what you have outlined above…

    Let me explain

    When there is a new TE launched, be it by a ‘big name’ or a new owner that has ‘big name’ friends, my inbox is literally flooded with the same generic email about the launch and the only difference is ‘ here’s what I’m offering if you use my link’.

    I look up to quite a few TE owners and when I see the majority of them sending me these mails…well I listen and I join, whether it’s for the $$’s for signing up, the bribes that I will receive, ‘the holy grail of BS’ or the simple fact that it was recommended by more than one person I trust. [ASIDE: I’ve finally stopped competing with TE owners]

    My page of TE links now has 116 sites on it. The majority I have joined from recommendations from my sponsors (most of whom are TE owners BTW). Am I saying it’s the owners’ fault (?), not at all! I realize they are just trying to ‘drum up new business’ for themselves and make a few $’s in the ref contests. Just sayin’…

    So what happens next. Messages on site and in emails to ‘be sure to fill out your downline builder links so you don’t miss any referrals’. (An effective marketing tactic I admit) This of course sends the message that ‘more is better’, more sites=more traffic=more downline=more dollars.

    I’m sure you have all seen the number of sites in some of those downline builders!!!

    Even with all the sites I already belong to there are just so many that I haven’t joined but…as I’m filling in my info I’m thinking:
    ‘yup seen that one in the surf a lot, maybe I should join it’
    oh, and this one and this one etc etc etc ad nauseum. So again surfers are being ‘shown’ that ‘more is better’.

    Just one more point to make! Joint Surf promos! I like joint/multi-site surfing but…there often is another site that needs to be joined in order to;
    get in on the promo;
    to get the credits;
    to build my downlines! ROFL

    Where does it stop?
    Unfortunately your advice is a little late for me but new surfers should pay attention and stay vigilant & focused.

    I am justasurfer,
    but I’m also a promoter,
    and I’m also trying to make a buck or two. .and a point!

    Sorry got a little long winded there, you must be rubbing off on me James lol

  5. Tony Tezak
    Tony Tezak at | | Reply

    Hi James,
    A very good post. I think I agree with everything above.

    For me, I promote lots of stuff and most of it is dealing with traffic. Reason being, I am always in need of something in the way of traffic.

    But the thing I promote every day is my Traffic Exchange. The only thing you will find in my rotator are TTP splashes, my main list building squeeze or things my TE is involved in for surfing events. That’s it period for my rotator! Nothing else- can I repeat that NOTHING but my business. It’s the only thing I can do to keep my TE growing.

    Now, I will promote other programs with text ads, banners, Thank You ads, and Exclusive Bonuses for those who sign up for my list.

    I will and do promote different programs in mailer also. But even in mailers my main focus is TTP.

    But in reality here is what I see! Every Day in TE owners rotators. Also I see the same thing while surfing TEs. Owners that have lots and lots of other programs in their Rotator. These same owners often complain that they can’t get their TE to grow. Really? I wonder why? I say look at your rotator. 🙂

    Same with sooooo many surfers!! I have seen rotators with dozens of programs in them. All they are doing is diluting their advertising effort. STOP the madness!

    What is really sad is that many of these surfers and owners have been attending webinars for years where it is mentioned not to dilute your advertising effort, not to promote too many programs, etc.

    And guess what, we will be writing about this and talking about this same subject for years to come and long after I am gone. 🙂 See James, I go the old joke in. 🙂

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