Its time to send out a better email

My spam box is full of emails from hundreds of traffic exchanges and that’s every day. spamboxBut it’s not just traffic exchange owners its hundreds of safe list too. So here is a few real tips on how to get your emails into the Inbox and Not the SPAM folder.

#1 Test your email before you send IT
You better have a Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and another one from your service provider ( Comcast, AOL ect )
This way you can check the delivery of the email make sure it got through the filters. Many are free and this will benefit you because you can see what your members see.

#2 Please format the email
I can’t stand when the email runs on forever. Some Kick ass tools Like format it make the job e-maileasy. and it looks good too. the emails that run on for days I NEVER read and im not alone.

#3 Key words that hurt you

Please learn the phrases that will potentially stop your email from getting delivered. Learn the basic Spam Words and avoid them. Its a big list – but I wanted to make sure that people see the theme of the spam words

Once in lifetime One time Apply now
Unsolicited Vacation Bulk email
Warranty Urgent Call
Time limited Act Now! Call now
Access Auto email removal Click here
Ad Billing address Deal
Being a member Call free Direct marketing
Apply Online Click below Don’t delete
Click Direct email For Only
Cannot be combined with any other offer Do it today Form
Click to remove For instant access Get started now
Can’t live without Email marketing Giving away
Don’t hesitate Get it now If only it were that easy
Email harvest Gift certificate Increase your sales
For you Have you been turned down? Information you requested
Financial freedom Increase traffic Long distance phone offer
Guarantee Info you requested Marketing
Increase sales In accordance with laws Member
Great offer Internet marketing Multi level marketing
Important information regarding Mass email Name brand
Internet market More Internet Traffic New customers only
Marketing solutions Message contains No catch
Month trial offer limited time No experience
Mail in order form No age restrictions No questions asked
Instant No disappointment No-obligation
Nigerian No purchase necessary Offer expires
No claim forms No strings attached Online marketing
No obligation Now only Per week
No selling One time mailing Performance
Now Per day Please read
Notspam Opt in Prizes
Offer Order today Sales
Open Prize Shopping spree
Order now Sale Subscribe
Removal instructions Reserves the right Take action now
Search engine listings Search engines The best rates
Special promotion Supplies are limited This isn’t spam
Stuff on sale Terms and conditions unlimited
The following form This isn’t junk Visit our website
They’re just giving it away Trial Will not believe your eyes
Undisclosed recipient Unsubscribe Win
We hate spam Web traffic won
What are you waiting for? Who really wins? You’re a Winner!
Winner Winning
You are a winner! You have been selected
(any type)

larger list on the blogs listed I used the ones that related to traffic exchange the Mos

#4 too many Links in your email
I don’t know the magic number but if you have a whole bunch of links to different websites that could and some times will make your email go right to spam

less is more in this area.

#5 Have an amazing subject line.
If hundreds of people are getting the same template email its easy to stand out. But if you are sending an email to your members then you want to catch them – Interest them- intrigue them – wow them. If not the email don’t get opened and life goes on with less action.

So here is the ideal way to fire out an email from you or your program.

1 write the email – Spell check and grammar counts ( unless your me ) and keep the spam words limited.
2 format it using formatit
3 test send it to your yahoo Gmail Hotmail and premium service provider email.
4 if it comes through on all of them and looks good then you can send it.

If your email is delivered to the in box the open rate goes way up from the spam folder. Think of your email being delivered, in the main folder as being picked to be the next American Email Idol. You haven’t won, but you not going home empty handed.

Some of the sites used spam words from ( wanted to give credit )

Please comment with a tip you know or used .

James Dias
Dias Media Works

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  1. Veronica Smith
    Veronica Smith at | | Reply

    Thanks James. I think everyone could use your tips. I never heard of “formatit” but I will definitely use it.
    It is good to have a scam list.

    Thanks for sharing your information.

    Lady V

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