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When I surf I do it my way and how I want my sites to be seen. I surf normally one site at a time but never more than 4 of them. And I watch and take notes. Also as an owner I leave the sound on and I don’t use anything like no script. It’s just not how the member added the page and anything less I feel like it cheats them members.
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James Dias

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    Until even a handful of weeks ago, I would have been srntogly in the old-school court. But while I am still wrapping my head around the nuances of social media and chat in TEs, I understand that in order to maximize these, I have to throw my old-school thinking out the window.For those of you who say social media is for chatty women and the like, I’ll throw out this question: Which is likely going to yield strong long-term results for you? Twenty-five people who sign up for whatever your opportunity is, who never really get to know you? Or one person whom you’ve gotten to know, one person whom you’ve developed a rapport and trust, who decides, Hey, this guy knows his stuff, I think I’ll see what he’s offering. This was a trick question, by the way, because the truth is that we can meet our goals using either approach.For those of us who love our tracking and our numbers and our calculations of ROI, social media is daunting because those traditional rules have to be set aside. You have to operate more on instinct. You have to put your ledger sheets and your QuickBooks away for a few minutes and just be a person.You’ll be surprised what you might find out when you do. I know I was.

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