Not a NEW Launch

In fact its quite the contrast. My buddy Randy Fountain has been not only been an active surfer for years but is upgraded at most likely 50+ sites.

Randy is a super surfer a great owner and is always around when you have questions or just want to shoot the breeze about Traffic Exchanges. Randy is a Single Site Traffic Exchange owner and has been running Traffic Speedway since March 2008. Randy is a Traffic Exchange Champion and you are in good hands at Traffic Speedway and with Randy.

I have seen Randy add the links of some of his members to his own personal rotator to help them get more from Traffic Speedway

I very highly recommend Joining Traffic Speedway and also ask that you put this site in your promotional tools for the next few months build your downlines. Speedy is a solid site and Randy is a great owner.

James Dias

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  1. Jolynn Moss
    Jolynn Moss at | | Reply

    I totally agree with everything you said James. Randy is a champion as a surfer, owner and friend. He has a way of making you smile and his laugh is contagious! I would highly recommend Traffic Speedway. We Love Speedy! Look for our weekly promo: Hot Rod Tuesday

  2. Catherine White
    Catherine White at | | Reply

    I think today is the perfect day for this post. The beginning of the week normally spurs multiple launches. You have picked a great first Traffic Exchange Champion. Not only is the owner, Randy Fountain, one of the best in the business, we get results from Traffic Speedway. The last top 5 list we put out for bringing in referrals, Traffic Speedway was on that list.
    Congrats to Randy for all his hard work. Chacha-chacha-chacha-Chow!

  3. Jackie O
    Jackie O at | | Reply

    For sure, Randy is a HUGE traffic exchange champion. He’s been around a long time, faithfully surfs every single day, and loves to talk about TEs.

    He’s a good friend too….one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, is funny as heck and that LAUGH! Just listening to him laugh will put you in a good mood lol. (Just don’t talk politics with him)

    I definitely second your endorsement James!

  4. Doug
    Doug at | | Reply

    Great first pick!

  5. Cheryl Biggs
    Cheryl Biggs at | | Reply

    He is a champion – my friends
    And he’ll keep on fighting – till the end –
    He is a champion-
    He is a champion-
    No time for losing
    ‘Cause he is a champion – of the Traffic Exchange world –

    And a great listener!

  6. Jonathan Black
    Jonathan Black at | | Reply

    Great post for a great guy! Randy and I go back a ways. He was instrumental in helping me create and launch (and run) Surfing With The Oldies. We jokingly called it “our baby”. When I would come home from my night job I would ask Randy “Did you check on the baby?” and he would always say “Yep, everything is cool” lol

    That was back before Skype. In our Ventrino days. We were Ventrino brutha’s. I can honestly say Randy has been a true friend in so many ways. I wish there were more Randy’s in this world……

  7. Kaye Towne
    Kaye Towne at | | Reply

    AWESOME!!!! Randy has been a Great Friend and Biz Associate for me since I met him in 2008. Love him with all my heart, respect him as an online business owner, know hes dependable and he’s one of the Sweetest People I know in the world.

    Awesome Post he deserves to be in the spotlight 🙂

    Krazy Kaye

  8. Veronica Smith
    Veronica Smith at | | Reply

    Randy is always happy to help someone out. He does go out of his way to help someone out.

    Lady V

  9. Beth Allen
    Beth Allen at | | Reply

    I too, highly recommend Traffic Speedway and know Randy is one of the best owners.

    I have known Randy for quite a few years. He is a great friend and a great help to less experienced owners. He knows what to do, will help out anytime and will always share what works with his friends. Randy is always available to help out his members and spends countless hours making Traffic Speedway a great site for surfing and results.

  10. Marcy McManaway
    Marcy McManaway at | | Reply

    The bestest of the bestest in the TE world and as a friend. Plus he has the bestest laugh of anyone I know!! Go Randy!

  11. Kathy
    Kathy at | | Reply

    I have not know Mr. Fountain very long, but what I have discovered is that he is genuinely a great guy who is willing to answer a question or help out if needs be. He was one of the first TE owners who introduced himself and his exchange to me back in April when I launched my Exchange. I have gotten some great results using his Exchange. Two thumbs up for Randy Fountain!

  12. Randy Fountain
    Randy Fountain at | | Reply

    WOW (blushing)

    Thank you so much James. Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow

    And thanks to all you for your wonderful comments.

    I totally FEEL the Love, and y’all have put a Huge lump in my throat.

  13. Philippe Moisan
    Philippe Moisan at | | Reply

    Hey James,

    I was not a member of Traffic Speedway.

    Well, now you have a new referral. 🙂


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