So you want a traffic exchange?

So you want a traffic exchange?

This is a simple post to get your traffic exchange business off on the right foot.

#1 Plan your attack
Build a Traffic Exchange plan – budget, where your ads are going to be, what your site is about, ect. this is a huge step that is often never done at any point. Learn from other te owners – read forums. Don’t open a te because te owners make thousands a month truth is less that few will make that much. because they give up too soon.

Learn write things down and pay attention. Sometimes the worst owners make great teachers ….
Don’t be afraid to ask questions in webinars  or in skype rooms. if you don’t ask the question or just don’t know that can be the element that holds you up.

#2 Script or custom
Your traffic exchange is going to be judges by thousands in the first few days of launch. If it’s a script and you have the original ad copy good luck. But if you change every page in that script you are going to have a leg up on half the sites on your script. also good graphics are helpful too.  make it you.

Hosting is to me one of the most important problems a good site will face many times over. Find a company that will grow with your needs. If you go for cheap you will get what you pay for. Make sure the place you are hosting with can upgrade you on the fly. Nothing worse than an big ad campaign and the site is offline cause you have to change servers.

#4 Affiliate tools
OK so you have 3 splash pages 3 banners – get more. I don’t know how many sites don’t have a 125X125 banner. And if you don’t you may just get excluded from someone adding that banner that points to your site cause you didn’t.

#5 Focus on your site.
If your are launching a te and you have ads to beef jerky or avon. Don’t be surprised when others don’t take you serious as well. promote your site

your traffic exchange is the only one you need to promote. No exceptions.

Seriously   just promote your site   that’s it.

#6 Check it twice
You built a plan bought a script worked on it night and day for weeks have great hosting all the affiliate tools are in place and you have the places your going to buy ads.
Check the list and every page again cause you missed something……

#7 Jv your launch
Im not an expert here. Ask a few people who you think can help rock your site. Be unique with this there are no rules. The more attractive you make it the more likely you will fine continued results.

#8 Launch
…………… that’s it

#9 Launch again and again and again
No I don’t mean relaunch the site I mean buy ads and get your marketing out there everyday like you are launching your site. most people love the launch and poof gone forever.

#10 learn more

Never stop buying ads, surfing, and learning. This step is often lost on many cause the core was not solid to start with. Have a great time being a traffic exchange owner and keep growing.

For more tips I learned try this as a follow up to this post

also ways to get more traffic to your website will help too

If you have something that is working for you add it in the comments Please.

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  1. Nancy Radlinger
    Nancy Radlinger at | | Reply

    Great post and you forgot to add be ready to work 365 days a year – the internet is never closed – lot of people forget that.

  2. Steve Ayling
    Steve Ayling at | | Reply

    Great post, number 5 is one that really bugs me, People open a TE then promote everything in their rotator. If you have 10 sites in your rotator and only one is your TE then how do you expect it to grow lol

  3. Marcy McManaway
    Marcy McManaway at | | Reply

    We all had rose-colored glasses on when launching our traffic exchanges. However, it didn’t take long to find out just how hard it is. Once you open the doors, you are obligated to provide your members with quality service. It’s not about you anymore, its about your service. Many owners forget that and get distracted with other things and their traffic exchange suffers for it. It’s hard work and you have to love it, to do it.

  4. Catherine White
    Catherine White at | | Reply

    Great advice James-
    I would add: Make it a labor of love. If you are opening a TE to make money, you have been mislead. Let me say it out loud- you may or may not make any money at all. I would say 99% of the traffic exchanges out there operate in the RED each month. So the only reason to do this and keep at it is because you LOVE IT! Jolynn & I re-invested every penny back in to our site for the first year. If you are not committed to take it that far, then perhaps you can find something you really love which will keep you committed.

  5. Jackie O
    Jackie O at | | Reply

    Another thing I would add is: Don’t give away the farm.

    I see many new TEs coming out the door offering thousands of credits and free upgrades.
    This is a recipe for failure. because you will never be able to deliver all that traffic and
    your site won’t make any money if you’re giving everything away.

    Be smart and learn about credit inventory, surf ratios, speed of delivery etc, BEFORE you
    open a TE. Always seek the advice of successful TE owners!

  6. Brian Rickert
    Brian Rickert at | | Reply

    This was alluded to, but never put point blank:

    “They” say the money is in the list. But when you’re an owner, the list is your list of members. You’re marketing to build your membership base. That’s the list that matters to a TE owner.

    So concentrate on making marketing, not making money. You’ve gotta want to market because that’s the majority of your time, effort, and expense before the doors are open and forever after. Advertising is the biggest expense of time and money for ANY business. And advertising/marketing is a complete study in itself and an ongoing education.

    If you don’t like marketing, then you won’t like owning a traffic exchange. Unless you have a lot of funds to outsource it to professionals or a partner who loves to market and is good at it.

  7. veronica smith
    veronica smith at | | Reply

    Great post James. All ten steps were great tips and useful information.


  8. Darren Singleton
    Darren Singleton at | | Reply

    Great article, wish I’d been able to read this before launching my own. It’s taken a long time to get started without a huge influx of capital – a traffic exchange can’t be successful without a huge investment of time and money!!

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