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I see new launches almost every day. I also used to try and jump right in. All I thought is getting in early was the way to go. And it seemed to work for me for a little while.

I want to build my footing in good programs. Something where I know I will get commissions and get paid when I ask. Not get another excuse or ignored. Don’t get me wrong there are times I will do a launch with good owners. And I will feel comfortable recommending a product to the people that trust me to point them in the right direction.

Last year I recommended a product from Matthew Graves called Social Message Connect. I thought this was going to be a good program from an established owner. I was wrong.

After almost a year, Matthew’s site is STILL not working for members.

People have upgraded for a month, a year and in the case of myself ( I’m a lifetime upgraded member)

But I need to take responsibility for this cause I recommended a non-working program to real hard working members. I am putting together a rotator that will run in all my sites just for the members that purchased an upgrade. And it will last for as long as the valued member was upgraded.

I’m starting with Marcy M and Jackie O, who will both get their sites in rotation for a year as they upgraded for a year. I thank you for the support and apologize to you.

Anyone else that joined under me and upgraded, I will extend the same offer to you. I am very sorry for recommending this owner and product. I will be much more careful in the future. But anything I recommend I will back up even if I’m wrong.

Again to the amazing people that joined under me I am very sorry to the awesome people that upgraded. I am sorry and will try to make it up to you.

James Dias

If you have been upgraded and want to get your site in to the rotator skype me: Ablazewithtraffic or send in a support ticked at any of my sites.

Thank you for reading.

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  2. Marcy McManaway
    Marcy McManaway at | | Reply

    I talked about reputations on my blog yesterday. Sometimes we don’t realize just how important it is to keep it in good standing when you are running a business online. It affects not only you, but those you do business with too. No need to apologize at all, we all take risks when doing anything online. It’s part of the business.

  3. Nancy Radlinger
    Nancy Radlinger at | | Reply

    Interesting post James and am sorry to hear this as like you said this is someone that has been around for long time you would think he would try harder to keep his reputation to the standard that it was. This is a nice thing that you are doing for your downline – kudos to you for even caring as most people don’t care about their downline once you are there.

  4. Catherine White
    Catherine White at | | Reply

    I joined Social Message Connect but, fortunately, did not upgrade. If I had, I would be quite upset that a year later a site I had paid to use was still not working. The fact that this owner has launched 2 or 3 new sites (I’ve lost track) since then boggles my mind.
    I have been and will continue to watch this situation but, for the time being, I can not recommend any of these new or old programs to our members.

  5. Randy Fountain
    Randy Fountain at | | Reply

    Hi James, You are an OAK sir!
    Very Stand-Up of you to get behind your referrals like this, and Prove that your Word and reputation for the recommendations you make Truely have BACKBONE!

    I was involved in another launch at the time, so I never joined this site. Dang sure wish I woulda now tho,
    and upgraded too. Cause I would have Loved to get my ads in your rotator. I imagine you’ll put unlimited credits on those advertisements. 🙂

    So this site is Still not working? Dang man, I did not know that,I was only aware that there were members were not getting paid.
    And that’s what really get my goat, that garbage just ain’t right. Commissions are NOT a Site’s Nor an owner’s money. They ARE the property of the member’s that did the hard work to Earn their money.
    I call that being a Thief, a Fraud and a Liar!

    And I just saw this joker launched ANother site… ‘Hot Deal of the Day Mailer’ or Whatever.
    Buyer BeWare! How and Why would someone open ANother site, when you got a site in poverty with a broken product you Ain’t fixed yet???

    Attention: ALL You thieves, liars, and frauds… ConArtists & Crooks.
    YOU are hereby warned. There are MANY honest and Ethical owners out here. Who Shall NOT stand by watch you Abuse people. I can’t speak for everyone, but I have had Enough.

  6. Jackie O
    Jackie O at | | Reply

    Thank you James, that’s very kind of you. But I don’t feel you need to apologize as there were several of us that joined, upgraded and promoted this site. How were we to know this would happen? It certainly was a disappointment, to say the least.

    I have learned from it and moved on. I have always tried to be careful about what I promote, but I’ve learned to be even MORE selective in the launches I participate in now.

  7. Patti Boquist
    Patti Boquist at | | Reply

    Well, here’s my 1 1/2 cents worth…

    I joined this site. I thought the concept was an interesting one and would be very fun to use and make a good addition to my own advertising arsenal.

    I did actually write to the Owner of Social Connect after a couple of months of paying for an upgrade on this site that was not working. He sent a reply that there were problems with the site and they would be fixed within a few days.

    I can understand script problems…but two months later when the site was still not working, I finally cancelled my upgraded account.

    I also cancelled my upgrades at all his other sites that I belonged to. I did join at least one of his sites that was launched after the Social Connect “incident” but I will never spend money on his sites again, nor promote them to other people.

    I do not blame you, James, for recommending the site that failed to ever be of use. In this case, it is all on the owner and for him to keep the money from everyone who was willing to invest in his site is nothing short of thievery.

    I would have to say that to continue to support him or any of his sites is kinda like putting your shoes on the wrong feet and wondering why it hurts…

    The only way to protect others from being “taken in” is to not support this owner in any way.

    Mistakes are one thing and I have made plenty. But a deliberate taking of money and not even making the site function, nor returning people’s investments, is beyond a mistake.

    It is kind of you, James, to try to make up for someone else stealing from people, but this person is an adult and a business owner and should make things right on his own.

    Thank you for being a great guy and allowing me to vent here!

  8. timothy montoya
    timothy montoya at | | Reply

    i’m following you james.
    Proud of you!

    hey, welcome back to the trenches, we live and breathe dreams.

    ole truck driver told me one time?

  9. Nick Grimshawe
    Nick Grimshawe at | | Reply

    Hi James,

    It’s really hard to resist launch fever. I always feel like I’m missing out on all those juicy referrals but I usually succeed in resisting the urge for awhile at least until I’ve seen for myself how the program works. Not only that…if I throw too many things at my members I simply overwhelm them…and they lose focus.

    But I love that you backed up your recommendation with action when it didn’t work out. You don’t see that very often. It’s a great lesson for all of us.

    Great to find your blog.


  10. Jonathan Black
    Jonathan Black at | | Reply

    It’s a darn shame when well known owners pull stunts like this! It makes the traffic exchange/safelist business look really bad on top of already getting a bad wrap. I’m glad you had the testicular fortitude to bring this out into the open James! Matthew Graves might be an ok guy but his business ethics leave a lot to be desired. When members pay real money for upgrades to a site that is in a non working condition THEN the owner won’t pay commissions when they’re due……this ain’t good.

    I hope Matthew will at least stop launching new sites and do the right thing. FIX what’s wrong before you launch more sites!

  11. Matthew Graves
    Matthew Graves at | | Reply


    I am always one to acknowledge the mistakes that I have made and work to make things better.

    What I have created is ultimately my responsibility and I will not bother with making excuses.

    However, one failure in business does not make the business or the person. If we all gave up when something did not go as planned then there would be no success.

    SMC is the only site that I have ever created where I had to rely on an outside development team. That did not go well and I have paid more than once to have the core features of the site redone.

    I have refunded anyone who wanted a refund and paid commissions to those who promoted the site, even for transactions that were refunded.

    Some people are upset that I have continued building new sites. I have a full time staff of 5 people that I am also responsible for, so I can not simply shut down the business while I am waiting on outside developers. The show must go on.

    The sites which I have launched since SMC have all been valuable additions to the industry and provide a high quality service to my members.

    I posted yesterday in the members area of the site that I am taking SMC in a different direction. One which can provide value to those who have stuck with me.

    My sites have been a success because I have an amazing group of members who know that my intentions are good and that see the full picture of my 12 years in this business. I am very grateful for all they do and will keep trying to work in their best interest.

    Matthew Graves

  12. Matthew Graves
    Matthew Graves at | | Reply


    I understand and will ensure that the program is a valuable asset to you and the others who have put their trust in me.


  13. James Dias
    James Dias at | | Reply

    If you need a refund contact matthew via a support ticket at social message connect. looks like he is honoring them. Also I too would love to get a refund as well. I know there will be a difference as I have earned some from the site but you can just refund the difference plus the last few months commissions that are a little past due.

    Making sure members can get refunds is a great start to making right with the members Matthew.

    James Dias

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