I have been in traffic exchanges for a few years. I love doing it. I focus my time, energy, and effort to building my small business online. It’s like any other relationship – spend time with it, learn with it, challenge it, love it.

Like whoisfirstany relationship you need to be devoted. Growing that relationship to the point it is fruitful for the both of you. (the business and yourself) There is a lot of distractions along the way.

Make 1500 by bed time today. (99.99% fake)

Fast cash huge super matrix. (97 % of people in matrixes will not make their money back. )

Make money from you chair on the beach.( 99% of the people who try this one will fail.)

Face it if you have surfed 100 pages at any traffic exchange you have seen one of them rich types of ads. People smiling, great looking cars, perfect family in front of the disgustingly huge house. You know the one im taking about.

This may hurt a few people – its fake the whole concept of 5 second to crazy money is the oldest scam out there.
Real people make real money online but not the Champagne hopes and caviar dreams most will try to sell in an ebook or for a 2000 +++ dollar coaching job.

The real money is in the building – notice I didn’t say the list or the site or the exchange.

The real money is in building a solid foundation that includes all the above.
build a brand
build you ( knowledge, contacts, self esteem, social network ect)
build your list (of likeminded people)
Build your downlines ( refer people to a program)
build your monthly income ( make some commissions use ptc’s ect )
Build you time and reputation. (the more people see you)
build you future with a solid foundation.

If you build on to this list and do it every day you will see income you will see results and as long as you keep at it you will build your online business and income. But earn that first 10 dollars before you jump to the next program.

James Dias

*just a note the % that i added above are totaly made up but it sounded good to me

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  1. Patti Boquist
    Patti Boquist at | | Reply

    Lots of good points, James!

    Unfortunately, many good people get involved with programs that are all “talk” and no “substance” and when they have a bad experience, very few will go on to try again. 🙁

    Sometimes the best businesses are the ones who speak softly.

    If you can get past the “noise” and find those programs with owners who really care and are willing to do what they do consistently and successfully, you really CAN be successful online!

    Thanks for being a great owner and a consistent, persistent business person!

    Great Post!

  2. Catherine White
    Catherine White at | | Reply

    Well, Once I got over laughing at your “James in the Money” picture, I discovered you had written a very solid post.
    Great advice- Build – Build – Build- in reality everyone has “Champagne Hopes and Caviar Dreams”, I know I do, but to get there it is going to take a lot of building. A solid foundation will keep your business growing.

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