It’s a Numbers game

I love to think of marketing as a game …. It works well for me let me explain.

Think of every hit to your site/ affiliate page as a point. One hit = One point simple.

Now comes the hard part get a high score every day. If last week your average was 5000 hits a day the try to beat that every day by 10 hits or more but keeps that top number going.

See marketing in a traffic exchange is truly pretty simple the more your ad shows the more chances you have to add a new or existing member back in to your site.

Sounds easy right its only 10 hits a day but a month 2 months and your overall volume has grown by 10% and with the law of numbers working for you that should add up to a 10% increase in sign ups. This should also be 10% more commissions. And there is nothing wrong with having 10% more just cause you learned how to maximize your marketing efforts.

Marketing it traffic exchanges is very simple the more you market. Your results go up. This is still a business where you can give yourself a 10% raise just for pushing harder.

just think what is your earning potential if you gave 100% everyday.

Try it for a couple months and that’s my traffic exchange 2 cents.

James Dias

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  1. Catherine White
    Catherine White at | | Reply

    Perfect example of how to increase your advertising and thus increase your results. The actual mathematics of increasing your marketing effort are fairly simple, just like you explain. Want to grow 10% – increase your marketing by 10%.
    Now just figure out how to get this 10% increase each day. 🙂

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