Traffic Exchange results.

I have been thinking about a Friday Wrap Up a few weeks ago. The topic was about results.

What are results? Are people getting results from traffic exchanges?
lets break down the results that came from the collective of 30+ traffic exchange users/owners.

Here is some results from Surfing a traffic exchange.

Surfing for credits. The result is the credits and the fact that the time spent surfing is an exchange for marketing.

Networking is a result of interacting with other members from an exchange. Its done in chats in skype clicking on profiles ect. The result is connecting with people that are finding results.

New Opportunities or programs
Surfing any traffic exchange you will see programs/ websites. But from time to time you will see something new or interesting.

Concepts / Ideas
looking at ad concepts, CSS, tips tricks some times its colors working together. Some times to get creative juices flowing surfing is just what the dr. ordered.

text credits – banner credits – credits – cash – referrals – physical products. All prizes found in surfing this seems to be one of the most sought after result. At this time.

OLD school classic results
referrals – earning commissions building your downlines all still great to have too.

I guess the point of this blog post is to show that the focus has changed. But results are still there in some cases they have changed or evolved. Why do you surf? My guess is it will always make its way back to results.

Happy New year and keep your focus. Just drive forward.
And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents,

James Dias

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  1. Marcy McManaway
    Marcy McManaway at | | Reply

    This is an important post… Everything you get from a traffic exchange is not just traffic and referrals. You have to look at the whole picture. Changing the way we think and do things is not easy but we have to be willing to move forward and change with the times. Overall advertising is what we are looking for and owners and members need to work together to be able to accomplish this goal. TIP~Remember to track your own stats and not those of others. They may favor certain sites which will in return raise the stats for the ones they use the most. Happy New Year!

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