Do you Know “Jack”?

The time line on this story is very important all happened on 1/8/2013
Lets call this member “Jack” and understand this is something new to me im not bashing a member I just don’t understand.

at 1:51:25 Pm PST my time a new member joined a traffic exchange.
at 1:52:58 Pm PST this member confirmed his account Via email
at 1:55:55 Pm PST this member finished surfing 7 pages total

At this point no ads have been added, no banners, no social info, Nothing more than I described.

AT 2:02 PM PST I receive an email and I quote:
“The only one who benefits from a site like this is the one who created it.
I’m done
Will not be back”

With the subject line “Remove Me”

I removed the member and that part ends. but here comes the then I started thinking.

So then I started thinking it over and over.

I have a few ways to look at this outcome. The first it’s 100% the members fault and I did everything right. But let’s face it that is not really what happened.

Second I need to stop and look at the site and see where the site failed the member and me.

and last and most likely. Add the two from above and accept full responsibility for failing them both. I need to take a few steps back and truly work with the site from every direction. Something I have known but have just not wrapped my head around to do.

I want to thank “Jack” cause some times the hardest thing to do is fix what you have the most pride in.

but also understand 11 minutes is all the time “Jack” gave me and when you deduct for sending the email and surfing. You don’t have a whole lot of time to help your members get on the right path to start their journey.

and that is my traffic exchange 2 cents

James Dias

“Jack” if you read this I sent you an email and would love to learn from your experience today.

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  1. Marcy McManaway
    Marcy McManaway at | | Reply

    It would be easy to say that WOW, is that all the time he gave it. But considering the times we live in, people have very little attention span, so we need to look at the ease of how our sites are ran. Some people will give up to soon, without even realizing that they might be missing out on an excellent advertising opportunity. Unfortunately, This is something we will need to look at as we continue to develop our business.
    I have not yet experienced this issue, but it is good to know, so I can keep it in mind as I grow..

  2. Nancy Radlinger
    Nancy Radlinger at | | Reply

    Interesting that you bring this up as I had an eye-opener for me also and has gotten me looking at things again. I had a member join, came into the Skype help room – needing help – well what I have learned from this man that has NEVER used a traffic exchange just had no clue where to start. So I can relate as we are in our sites every day – we don’t see the things others see – it was as simple as him letting me know he could not surf my site and when I finally got to the reason why – it was simply he didn’t understand about having to add his site first – so he did and then came back to me and said – still can’t surf. The autoassign totally confused him and actually was really hard to explain to a person that remember NEVER used a traffic exchange.

    Bottom line – sometimes it does take people like Jack and my member to open our eyes to something we just take for granted that everyone knows. Thanks for the post.

  3. Don Snyder
    Don Snyder at | | Reply

    The world is full of Jacks. They join, don’t bother to read or understand anything, and leave in a huff. It’s like playing Tag without knowing the rules and asking “Why the heck is this person chasing me? And why is he “IT”?” There will always be a Jack so never take stuff like this personally. They really don’t know Jack.

  4. Patti Boquist
    Patti Boquist at | | Reply

    I guess my comment would be first that some people do this kind of thing just to be inconsiderate and to put you, the owner, in a “tailspin” wondering what you did “wrong” or how you “failed” your potential Member when they may have had an “agenda” of their own and just plain hate TE’s in general.

    But, if you are really in doubt of your site and how “user friendly” it is, I would look at the number of members who are successfully using the site and communicating with you if they don’t understand something about your site. I think in that aspect, you already know you are successful at helping many people become not just users of your sites, but avid fans/supporters!

    Then, look at your site as though you were a complete “newbie” and if there are areas where you could add information that would be helpful to someone who is not familiar with Traffic Exchanges in general or if your script is a “hybrid”-something not seen often, information that would be helpful to your specific site, then use that opportunity to “fine tune” or add instructions where you feel it is most needed.

    As always, just my humble opinion… Thank you for sharing your experience!

  5. Jolynn Moss
    Jolynn Moss at | | Reply

    We had a member do something similar last week. He signed up, surfed a few sites and sent in a support ticket. All the ticket said was: “how do i cancle memdership??” We sent a response saying that we were sorry he wanted to cancel his membership and asked if he would please tell us how we can improve our service to retain customers like him in the future. Unfortunately, we never received a response.

    This does cause you to take a step back and think about what it might have been that turned this person off so quickly. At Hot Flash Hits, we welcome any kind of feedback on the site. We want to know what it is that the members like as well as don’t like. This is what helps us change, grow and keep moving forward.

  6. Brian Rickert
    Brian Rickert at | | Reply

    Yes James, I have heard from “Jack”. I can’t claim to “know” him though.

    Every once in awhile I hear from “him” – swearing, “yelling”, using all kinds of expletives and obscenities. If he pisses me off, then I come back to his issue so that I won’t continue the same mood of the conversation.

    Sometimes I politely explain to him what a traffic exchange is and is about, if it seems appropriate. I often thank him for his feedback (but usually not if he’s been “swearing like a sailor”). Then I delete his account if requested, and politely reply back. (I still don’t know if they consider me being facetious when I’m polite back to them if they are the ones being abusive. I’m no angel though, I did once reply thanking “him” for his courteous message, since he was particularly verbally abusive one day.)

    I then remind myself that they won’t last long with their own business if that’s the way they expect to do business with others on the internet. If they don’t have the patience, understanding, or curiosity to be a good customer then they have some attitude adjustments to make before they will have a chance. You must know how to be a good customer before you can be a good businessperson, in my opinion. (What do you think of that?)

    And it’s not unusual, once I explain things to “Jack”, to get an apologetic reply back and thanks for enlightening him. Sometimes Jack has simply been the victim of a scam site or everything was going wrong for him that day.

    Mind you, If someone simply says delete my account. I must presume that they know what they are doing and what they want.

    As long as we treat the worst or quickest of customers with courtesy and respect, there is a chance they will return to see what they missed.

    My 2 cents interest on your 2 cents. 🙂


    P.S. From the flow of your incident, I would hazard a guess that he was told he would make money simply by surfing.

  7. Catherine White
    Catherine White at | | Reply

    It is very easy to act in haste when a member sends a message which catches you off guard. I am lucky to have a very close group of friends to bounce ideas off of before I make an actual response.
    I would suggest next time slow down before you do respond. Eliminating Jack’s account is what he asked you to do but what if you could learn more from Jack? So, although you met Jack’s immediate request, perhaps next time try to engage him first. If he responds, then you may learn a lot. If he doesn’t, then you can always delete his account within 24 hours time and still be timely.
    Just MY 2 cents….lol.

  8. Marilyn Martin
    Marilyn Martin at | | Reply

    Hi James,

    I have met “Jack” before actually. I handle the situation a little differently than I use to when it comes to a member sending in a request to cancel their account. I learned from experience when I was on the AMCS script not to be so quick in canceling a members account. On the old script there was a place you could cancel right next to another link and I had a couple members hit the wrong button. I know that this is not the case with this person though. But that experience taught me to write the member FIRST before deleting it.

    However, I did get a couple people that did the same thing “Jack” did and instead of canceling their account I would email the member first. I asked if there was a problem, if they were having difficulties understanding the site and perhaps needed some help to know how to do things. Some people are shy and do not like to ask for help, while some others just get irritated and say forget this, or maybe they just had a bad day.

    So I wrote and asked the person if they would mind telling me why they wanted to quit. I would then ask if there was a problem, or something they did not understand that I could perhaps better explain to them. I also would offer to give them a 1 month upgrade for free.

    My experience doing things this way have almost always turned out favorable because they were impressed that I took the time to care about them. I have had different members tell me this or something similar. In this day and age I think everyone is way to busy and always hurrying that they do not take enough time with things sometimes, and when someone takes the time to care it really makes an impression.

    Just my opinion but maybe next time you can not use the delete button so fast…instead talk to the member first because it may turn out to be one of your best members ever!

  9. Randy Fountain
    Randy Fountain at | | Reply

    James I think your smart to evaluate your site based on Jack’s comments. However, I feel your site is very informative as to what it is, how it works, since you have How-To videos as well as text instructions.
    Some people simply don’t take the time to look around to see what a site
    is all about. And I think some don’t even know what they are joining.
    I’ve had a few Jacks over the years… joined, surfed few pages, didn’t submit
    advertising, then sent me vague complaints.
    Some of their comments led me to believe they thought they had joined a Pay-to -click site.
    So James, I wouldn’t let it get to you that Jack complained and left. Considering you did take a step back and look at how your site represents itself, what more could you do?

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