Dear James

Hi there James. Just wanted to drop you a quick \hello\. I hadnt interacted much with anyone on the TE end of things since right after launching [the Site].

I was reading your blog post about getting overloaded and man, that is exactly what happened to me. I wont bore you with the details, but I purchased a group of sites and shortly after the purchase everything went down the toilet… in a really bad way. Not my fault, but I had to take ownership of the situation and- finally, after almost 2 months- am getting everything back under control. I need to get [the Site] active and growing again at this point.

There is still a ton to learn about getting and keeping these TEs active, so Im soliciting the advice of those I look up to in the community.

My question is, do you think its a good idea to do a formal relaunch of the site? Or do you think it better to just pick up where I left off and keep advertising it? I see a lot of these sites teaming up and doing surf promos together, but am not really sure how to go about that.

One step I have taken is to put together a series of e-mails that go out to members. The first set is geared toward newbies who might need step-by-step instructions and later on I cover various advertising tips in general. Figured that might at least let people know Im here and remind them to log in on occasion.

Anyhow, if you dont mind, any insight is very much appreciated.

Thanks for keeping it real… I read and appreciate your blog posts.

[One truly great person]

Dear OTGP,

I needed to sleep on your questions.

the easy advice I can give is also crappy advice too. (so im not going to do that)

but let me be blunt with what I would do for myself given the same outline you have now.

#1 change the name to something you can Brand. “my super big hits traffic exchange viral power booster site” is not the same as a good quick one word site ” I still like bweeble s name ……

#2 start building a new site for this new project with the goal of adding the members from the old system to the new and more powerful one.  some thing unique some thing different. somthing that is 100% you.

#3 build this traffic exchange to fit you and who you are – a proud owner is a good owner the fact that you will spend MONEY/ TIME and resources on this project is going to fire up the passion for this venture.

#4 Don’t be cheap – I have also made this mistake myself if you are not semi –pro at it outsource it. and when it comes time to market the site  spend money to free up time

#5 learn this should be number 1 – learn everything you can – learn about the history learn about the little conflicts and learn about past and current alliances. The more you know the easier you can have a leg up. Read blogs, forums, people’s opinions, reviews etc. Paul Kinder once told me  “be a student of this business”. when i asked for the same advice you just asked. “read and learn

#6 Screw things up you not perfect no one is this is a human built business so it ok to mess things up and fall flat on your face it’s the ones that get up and keep going that are doing well.

#7 Attend traffic exchange webinars learn the good and the bad.

#8 Think before you do something ask the question is this good for the members and is it good for the business if the answer is yes then do it.

#9 Focus ON this one project and see it through to the end. screw everything else. this needs to be your baby.

Don’t ever follow make the changes you want to but don’t follow be an individual.

when you have all of this in the new site not only will people want to promote it but I would love to join and market your site to the amazing members in this business.
and that is my pledge to you. also do a formal Launch at that time but invite the existing members to be a part of it too.

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents

James Dias
get started right after you read this blog post ……… get to work!!!!


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  1. Nancy Radlinger
    Nancy Radlinger at | | Reply

    Great advice James – and what works for one may not work for another. The key is to not to give up, keep trying new things, brand you and your site, and like Tony always says promote, promote, promote everywhere you can.

  2. Randy Fountain
    Randy Fountain at | | Reply

    Very Good questions OTGP had, and your reply was good as well.
    I’ll add… pay attention to what’s working and what isn’t, then adjust accordingly.

    And OTGP, if you’re not already, get on Skype. you can add me as a friend: arthouse44
    I’d be happy to add you to a few Traffic Exchange group rooms we have, and
    introduce you to other owners.
    And by all means… Keep asking questions.
    Great Blog James 🙂

  3. Jackie O
    Jackie O at | | Reply

    Very good points there James, and to OTGP, I would stress #9…..Focus on ONE site and promote nothing but that site (aggressively). Once you get members into your site you can promote other programs within your own site and to your list (passively).

    Too often I see owners promoting so many other programs aggressively, and then they wonder why their own site isn’t growing fast enough. Look at the most successful owners out there….they are focused on promoting their OWN site and everything else is done on the back end.

  4. Catherine White
    Catherine White at | | Reply

    James- first let me say kudos to you for putting some thought in to your answer.
    It shows you are a traffic exchange owner who cares.

    Unfortunately, there is no magic button to push to make your TE a success.
    What is good is OTGP is asking questions. Networking with other owners is
    a great way to learn what is working, what is NOT working, and how the TE
    industry is evolving. Remember, what works on one site, may not on another.
    Like James says, You have to OWN your TE. Live It, Breath It, Love it!

  5. Chris Biggs
    Chris Biggs at | | Reply

    Thank you James… and everyone. I’m humbled and so grateful for the valuable insight,
    encouragement and suggestions from each of you. While I appreciate James’ very kind OTGP
    reference, I firmly believe I am in the midst of a whole group of truly great people.

    I own my name and am proud to share who I am with the rest of you, but thank you James for
    trying to keep it private.

    Just knowing that there is such a phenomenal support system out here has given me the
    courage and encouragement to make up my mind on what to do with this…

    I’ve been weighing it out and even though I inherited a huge mess in the purchase
    of this other business, I/we still managed to retain over 90% of the original customers through
    all of this, and may have even helped my personal brand a little.

    I think that, given the huge monetary outlay that I already have in this group of sites and
    the groundwork that has already been laid out previous to the purchase, that I should make a
    go of breathing new life into the site… this time with a laser focus and relentless advertising.
    It may not be the suggested move, but I firmly believe it’s worth trying.

    I get what you’re saying about launching a fresh site and bringing current
    members into it, but I’m so invested in the current one that, if I’m going on gut feeling, I think
    I should see if I can make it what I wanted it to be to begin with.

    The good part is that I’m no longer trying to run a one man show, but now have a very capable partner in all of partner in all of this. So, on that note, I will begin the process of trying to make
    Fast And Furious Traffic 2 what it was meant to be from the beginning.

    My most sincere thanks to each and every one of you who has taken the time to respond.

    Chris Biggs
    Fast And Furious Traffic 1 & 2
    Skype me at jcbiggsenterprises

    1. Catherine White
      Catherine White at | | Reply

      It was great to see you step and an take claim to OTGP.
      You are already taking steps in the right direction.
      I will tell you there are a lot of fantastic people in this industry.
      Not all of them have huge site or even top 10 exchanges,
      but they can give you valuable information from their experiences.
      The key is to keep learning and improving every day.
      I look forward to seeing you grow your business.

  6. Patti Boquist
    Patti Boquist at | | Reply

    Congratulations, Chris!

    In reaching out to someone for help, you have already taken a HUGE step forward!

    You have already decided to BE successful, now you are just finding your path.

    If I can ever be of any help, you need only ask! I completely understand your “mess” as I have been there myself and it is only through the help and friendship of the people who have responded here and a few more awesome folks that I am also finding my path forward.

    James laid out some great ideas for you, but you must bring your vision to life. James is one of the people I have met that is willing to encourage others to follow their own goals and make your business your own! (He’s kind of a good guy, but please don’t tell him…lol!)

    Wishing you tons of success, Chris, and the best thing you can do along your journey is, if your personal “drive” gets “stalled” reach out and talk to someone. They may not have the answer to your issue, but just finding a willing “ear” to listen, is a big step to getting back on your path.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your success!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Great job, James and everyone who commented! You all ROCK!

  7. Chris Biggs
    Chris Biggs at | | Reply

    You all are fantastic… what a great group this is!

    I think I shall use my obsessive-compulsiveness to my advantage and get this moving!

    Many thanks to everyone for the much needed push (=

    We’ll talk soon and I look forward to getting to know each of you as time goes on!

    Chris Biggs

  8. Ramesh
    Ramesh at | | Reply

    I do trust all of the ideas you have presented to your post. They’re very cocininvng and will certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are very quick for newbies. May just you please lengthen them a bit from next time? Thank you for the post.

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