Ablaze’s Back to the Basics

Ablaze is hitting 2011 hard !

Our first video of 2011 is just the start. Ablaze wants to help.


There is a ton of traffic exchange advice out there and some it hard to understand. But out goal is to bring solid content and helpful hints.

While the videos are not high quality the ideas behind them are. If you need help or want to chat about website traffic let us know.

Ablaze With Traffic 2011 is back to the basics

What does this mean? its time to get back in to a routine and make sure we are hitting all of the elements we have out there.

The Back to the Basics Campaign is something most web master and website owners miss all the time in there quest to be #1 or to grow. Many will have a new Idea and just trough it out there and see if it sticks and most of the great ideas will fail or be picked up but a larger webmaster with the Basics solidly in place and now a great idea is someone else’s.

Don’t let this happen to you get back to the basics and keep them in your tool box for all of 2011.

More tips and tricks On Ablaze’s back to the basics Campaign all this year.

And that is my traffic exchange 2 cents !
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