One of them .....

One of them …..

When I say that some Internet Marketers are just the worst. This guy is a stunning example of that. Im not against the hustle. I respect people who can work a deal from Online marketing to cars sales. Hustle is amazing. But then you have the goof balls that don’t seem to have a clue [...]

Mind your Math

being a traffic exchange owner is not real hard but this rule is what countless owners have failed to do over and over again. Mind your Math two traffic exchanges A and B have 2 different ways of doing math. Which one is going to survive? Traffic Exchange A .35 surf ratio 100 credits to [...]

Clean it Up and clean it out

While getting ready to do this video I hit something so silly and useful I had to share it and redo the video as I was playing. I found this tip serendipitously. 1 Clean your Office or work Space. 2 Clean out you computer/laptop. 3 And this is the big one — you have to [...]

PTP and Co-op - what is the difference

PTP and Co-op – what is the difference

This post is to identify the differences from PTP and Co-ops   helping affiliates make more informed decisions when adding either to their marketing. So here is my take. What is a PTP A Paid to Promote is a rotator that allows you to advertise a special rotator link exclusive to your account, you promote the [...]

What who and how to be a part of downline builders

What who and how to be a part of downline builders

Got an email today that kicked me in the ass to get the next traffic exchange daily done. and this one is all about the Downline builders. With 2 types of downline builders out there. It’s a great question and was the perfect concept for a te daily. 3 great tools for working in downline [...]

Traffic exchange Daily is Back again for round 3

Traffic exchange Daily is back for round 3 In todays te daily as a simple question are you making 10$ a day? Also talk about why I was cone for so long. And give props to a traffic exchange owner who closed the site. Traffic exchange daily has been a great way for me to [...]

Dont go too far with an email

I had the displeasure of reading an email from a traffic exchange im a member of today and JUST had to comment. Cause it made me think. Im pretty sure you know the email I am referring to. Why is bashing other people so good for business? Are you trying to piss off the members [...]

IM Small and I can get UP

IM Small and I can get UP

People get so stuck in the mentality of small traffic exchanges I did a video the other day about a couple quick tips to help owners of small traffic exchanges get past the competition in probably the hardest arena. I think people that bust their asses to get to the next level deserve it. People [...]

Sales sales and more sales

Sales sales and more sales

For some amazing reason I got up today Just Fired UP. I had a dream about selling. selling to a dealer, then about selling a Yukon Denali. The dream so was so good and so real that I got up made some coffee and came right out here to write this blog. See the [...]